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Princess Connect! Re: Dive is a role-playing game in which you join a group of heroines to discover the mysteries of the world around you. This is the global version of the popular Re: Dive, an anime-style videogame that combines exciting battles with dialogue scenes taken from the graphic novels.

Over 50 different heroines are waiting for you in Princess Connect! Re: Dive, and each one of them has their own seiyu and powers to put to use in the game’s battles. You can select a team of up to five different characters to help you defeat all the enemies that appear on the screen. Each stage usually has three waves of monsters you need to beat, so you have to create the best possible team if you want to win.

The characters you control in the game will attack automatically during the monster battles, but you can choose if you want to use your heroines’ special attacks when their energy bars are full. The more time that you spend with each heroine, the better their powers become, as you improve your bond with them through the graphic novel-style scenes. Not only does it increase their powers, but it also helps to progress through the game’s storyline. There are various game modes and, in many of them, you can enjoy animated scenes that will pull you even further into the plot.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive is an official game of one of the most popular anime franchises of all time. It is an excellent RPG that has beautiful animations and a whole range of different heroines for you to recruit through the ‘gacha’ mode. So, accompany Pecorine, Kokkoro, Karyl, and others on a unique adventure!

Reviewed by Nelson de Benito Translated by Eloise

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