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Free movie and music streaming app

Movzy is a


application developed by Muziga Official. This app serves as a streaming platform, allowing users to watch movies and listen to music from their mobile devices. It is free to download and install and does not require any subscription.

However, as this is a free

video streaming

app, expect tons of video advertisements. Not only that, but not all of its listed content are full movies. Most of them are trailers. Additionally, despite downloading the latest version, Movzy will always prompt you to update. Although, the link it provides redirects you to another app called Tuner Radio. 

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What is Movzy?

Movzy is an online streaming app that works primarily to keep you updated on the latest movies and TV shows. Here, you can find a wide catalog of content, from blockbuster movies to popular TV shows. The app comes with a simple interface reminiscent of popular streaming platforms. Once launched, you can see a list of curated titles that you can watch by tapping its thumbnails.

More than movies and TV series, you can also use the app to listen to music. However, this feature is not for online

music streaming

. Instead, it works as a

music player

, allowing you to listen to the music files saved on your local storage. The app automatically recognizes your saved files and lists them on its music tab. With this, you don’t have to organize them yourself.

Although, before you can use the app, a popup message will appear, asking you to update the app to the latest version. There is a cancel button, but it does not work, rendering the app unusable. However, tapping the update option will lead you to a link to download another app called Tuner Radio. There is no way for you to update the app itself. 

Should you download it?

All in all, Movzy is an app that is not worth your data, storage, and time. Sure, it offers a wide selection of content and can even work as a music player. However, you cannot access these features unless you have the app updated—which you cannot do. If that is not annoying enough, tapping anything on the app will prompt a video ad to play.

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