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Play PS2 games on your phone

There are so many game consoles on the market today that it’s almost impossible to keep track of all of them. What makes this even worse is that some games are exclusive only to some consoles which mean players will have to buy different ones to keep up with most games being released. Fortunately, there are emulators that allow people to play console games on computers and smartphones. The Gold PS2 Emulator one such


. With this app, users will be able to play PS2 games on their phones. 

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Interface and Presentation

As mentioned above, players can use this app to play PS2 games on smartphones. As with most emulators, the most important factors to take into account when using it is the performance and the interface. With performance, it’s important to note whether the game suffers a significant reduction of speed and quality when being played on the emulator. Thankfully, in Gold PS2 Emulator’s case, no such thing happened and the games played as fluidly as expected.

The emulator’s interface is incredibly intuitive and straightforward. Despite this, it doesn’t lack any of the features players would expect from a standard PS2 controller.

Features and Functions

In addition to its simple but powerful interface and high-quality performance, the game also has features that make it much easier to play with. For example, the emulator requires no BIOs files, and users can automatically search for PS2 ISO files in their SD cards for faster game loading. While the app prefers ISO file formats for games, it also supports games in archive formats such as ZIP, RAR, or 7Z. 

The app also supports cheat codes, and users can save and load their games anytime with it. Finally, the app supports any PS2 game. Fans who want to play nostalgic PS2 games on their phones will appreciate this app a lot because it won’t have a problem playing any game. 

Powerful PS2 Emulator

The PS2 game consoles may have been replaced by the newer PS3 and PS4, but that doesn’t mean the games people have played on it have been forgotten. Quite the opposite, actually, as people are tuning more and more to their nostalgia when it comes to gaming. With the Gold PS2 Emulator, players can relive old games without the old console and play it conveniently on their mobile phones, instead. 

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