Call History Manager APK for Android-Free download

Call History Manager APKCall History Manager APK

Call History Manager APK

Free download

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Retain call logs forever and even organize them into categories

Free download

Retain call logs forever and even organize them into categories

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Program license: Free

Program by: Passionate Androiden

Version: 5.0

Works under: Android


Program license

(290 votes)


Program by


Passionate Androiden


Works under:


Android 9.0

Call History Manager is a phone app that gives you detailed statistics about your calls. This lets you see how many times you called a person, how many times they called you and other relevant statistics. You’ll also find that this makes it easier to manage your contacts list.

Main Features

Call History Manager gives you relevant statistics about your calls. While this works best with your contacts list, this can also be used for any other number that you called. This app will show you many times you called someone, how often they called you and it will count the total number of calls. You can also see how long you talked to that person overall.

You can also rank numbers according to total calls, missed calls and total talk time.

Contacts List

Another benefit of Call History Manager is that this can manage your contacts list. You can see your entire contacts list. You can directly change their information from this app, such as their image or phone number. Call History Manager also allows you to rank your contacts so that you can easily find people who you call most often.


The interface is easy enough to understand, but some might find it clunky. While it allows you to manage your contacts, this list is not as streamlined as your default contacts list. At the same time, the call statistics section is easy to understand. You will be given a pie chart showing calls, time and other information that you’re looking for.


  • Allows you to see relevant information about your calls.
  • You can manage your contacts list with this app.
  • The interface is simple to understand.


  • Some might find the interface clunky.

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