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Manage call logs

Formerly known as Call History Manager, Phone Vili is a

utility tool

used to manage your call logs efficiently. Developed by Passionate Androiden, it is a unique phone companion that will allow you to keep your

call history

forever and arrange them into categories.

It provides a quick and advanced search option as well that will aid you to look for the data you need with much ease. You will be able to download and use this handy application free of charge but, there will be in-app products available for you to purchase.

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Feature-packed call manager

The major reason why this call management tool should be added to your

storage space

is the tons of newfangled features and tools that it provides that can hardly be found on your mobile device’s call log. For instance, it allows you to add a

fake call

log-in to your call history. Moreover, you will be able to swap a particular call in your log with another number.

To safeguard your call history and keep it forever, you can set an auto-backup function. So, even if the app malfunctions unexpectedly and you need to reinstall everything, you’ll be able to easily restore your call logs. On the other hand, it enables you to automatically delete your call logs from a certain phone number after hanging up. You’lll be able to

export into excel

format your call history also.

Phone Vili has an advance search function. It provides various filters so you can quickly find the exact call logs you’re searching for. It presents options that allow you to export to excel or delete it. The app allows you to set up voice alerts on a certain caller name for easy recognition. On top of that, it displays detailed call statistics between you and the caller.

Regulate call history extensively

Phone Vili is a handy utility tool that empowers you when it comes to overseeing and controlling your call history. It offers unique features that can hardly be experienced in the built-in call log manager you have on your mobile device. With its auto-backup and restore feature, you will be able to safeguard your call history forever and easily recover it even when various issues arise.

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