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Free CPU identification tool for mobile phones

CPU-Z is a smartphone application that provides detailed information in regards to the existing operating system. This package can be extremely useful when troubleshooting potential problems as well as when the user needs to determine which OS version is present before downloading a specific program. Unlike similar products, this app is free to download and install.

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Main Features and Primary Uses

CPU-Z will display all of the most pertinent information in the form of a table. The user can scroll up or down to read specific details. Some of the metrics which are highlighted include the type of CPU and its processing power, the number of cores, the architecture, the clock speed and GPU details. However, it is also possible for the user to access phone-specific data such as the make, the model and any updates that may have recently taken place. Other variables such as the available RAM are also offered at the click of a button.

Additional Tools

CPU-Z is useful due to the fact that all of this information is provided within a highly centralized portal. So, it is no longer necessary to access various system partitions to learn discrete details. It even displays the status of the battery and the temperature of the phone; both important when determining how much power is remaining.

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