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Free VPN service for mobile

Free VPN is a free 


 application for mobile devices by the developer, VPN & Proxy Master. This 

security & privacy

 tool, also known as Star VPN, provides users with free and unlimited VPN services for their smart devices using their Wi-Fi or cellular data internet connection.

Much like other competing services, such as 



VPN Robot

, Free VPN can be used for free and with no usage or time limits imposed on it. Note, however, that since the service is free, the app is ad-supported and will occasionally show up as you use it.

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What is Free VPN?

Free VPN, also referred to as Star VPN, is a VPN service for mobile devices. What makes it a little different from other competing services is that it is completely free to use. On top of that, there are no limits place for usage or time. Thus, you are able to use its services unlimitedly as you wish.

Users can also use Free VPN to secure both Wi-Fi and cellular data connections using military-grade protection and encryption protocols. With this, you can ensure your data is secure, and you can browse the internet anonymously. The app can also help unblock and let you access websites that are otherwise inaccessible from your location. This is helpful when you are using various media streaming services online.

If you are interested in trying the service out, there are some things worth taking note of. For one, the number of available servers that you can choose from is very limited. Another is, as mentioned earlier, the app is ad-supported. As such, various advertisements pop up. The adverts can also get a little intrusive, sometimes getting in the way of using the service at times.

A basic VPN solution

All in all, if all you need is a simple VPN service for basic internet browsing and some streaming, Free VPN is a decent choice worth considering. It’s free and easy to use, and there are no limits to using it. It is also fast and reliable enough for more needs. If you want more advanced features, though, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

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