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DealDash is a free application that is a propriety of the popular


website It works seamlessly with all of the website functions, allowing you to browse and bookmark auctions. Of course, you can also bid for the auctioned items. However, as with similar services, it does not guarantee that you will always win the bidding. It will also require you to pay to be able to bid. 

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Browse and bid


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apps, the items in DealDash are auctioned, Users will need to bid to get the item they like.  Luckily, the app has a BidBuddy feature, which can help you win in auctions. On top of that, you can also use the app to buy bids, so you can go on browsing and bidding for items. 

The DealDash app is free to download. Once installed, you may choose to sign in with your account or create one if you are a new user. In the app’s homepage, you will see the Deal of the Day, which are the items that the app is offering together with the current price of bids. Browsing and bidding in the app are very easy. You only need to scroll down to find the item you like. To see the current time, price, and bidders, you only need to click the item. You can then book a BidBuddy or do a single bid. 

DealDash works directly with leading retailers and brands, so you are sure that the items sold are brand new. More, it gives the bid winner a discounted price for the item, which will then be shipped for free. Should you fail to win the auction, you can get your bids back if you buy the item at its Buy Now & Get Your Bids Back price listed in the auction. 

Easy to use, still hard to win

When you find bidding on the website a bit hard, the DealDash app can be of help. The app’s interface is simple, so you can easily browse for items that you like. Beyond that, however, users should know that the app is very competitive. Do not expect that you will always win. On top of that, you will also need to pay for bids.

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