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Untraceable convenient phone number app

TextMe is a free phone number app that lets you immediately start sending

text messages

(SMS), photos and


(MMS), voice messages, and calls as much as you want by using only Wi-Fi or mobile data. As this tool utilizes virtual burner phone numbers, it is hard to be traced which greatly protects your privacy. However, it not advised to be used by children as it could put their safety at risk.

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What is the TextMe app?

TextMe, also known as Text Me: Text Free, Call Free, Second Phone Number, is a

social and communication

tool developed by TextMe, Inc. As mentioned,  this messaging tool allows you to send text messages, make


, and video-conferencing calls free-of-charge. If you wish to stay in contact with your family or friends worldwide, international rates for calling and texting are available. You can either purchase credits for it or earn free credits by completing offers at no cost.

All features that you can expect from an instant messaging client can be found here. You can create group chats, send and receive photos and videos, and use emojis and stickers. It also provides tons of customizable options—from text signature, text tones and sounds, call tones, and ringtones to personalizable backgrounds or


. On top of that, it’s compatible with other SMS texting apps such as

Google Voice





, and



With these features alone, you can already assume that it is an excellent app. However, it is otherwise. The app is extremely broken—so much so that you can experience issues on every function that it offers. Not only that but it also contains truckloads of intrusive ads that are too much to bear with. Keep in mind that you can only sign up here using your


or Google account

Needs polishment

Poor performance aside, TextMe is still a nice communication and IM service client—especially with all the handy and robust messaging features and options it provides. Although it needs to be overhauled, the impressive functions it exhibits won’t go to waste. Toning down the number of displayed advertisements will be a great factor, too.

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