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Arknights is a strategy game where you have to stop enemies from getting through your defenses. A tower defense with a strong anime influence and that drops you head first in a chiaroscuro story.

In Arknights your objective is the same as other games in the genre: stop enemies from reaching a given point. To do this, you have to place various units on the battlefield that can stop them in their tracks. You can see where the enemies are heading at all times, so you just have to place your heroes intelligently.

As opposed to other tower defense games, in Arknights you have a limited number of units. Each of your heroes has very specific features, so you have to choose close combat, ranged or other units with different abilities. What’s more, they have special powers that can be used when their energy bar is full.

Arknights is a fantastic strategy game that stands out from other tower defense games and takes you to quite a dark cyberpunk world. You have a huge selection of characters to recruit in the game, which makes it hard to get bored with. A cool anime style game where, fortunately, they haven’t gone too far with the fan service.

Reviewed by Nelson de Benito Translated by Josh

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