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Arknights is a strategy game in which your goal is to keep your enemies from crossing your borders. In this anime-style tower defense game, you’ll control the leaders of Rhodes Island, a huge pharmaceutical company fighting to stop the spread of a deadly virus.

Just like other tower defense games, the goal in Arknights is to keep the enemies from crossing your last line of defense. To do so, place units on the battlefield to stop the enemy advance. Players can predict where the enemies will go during battles, so make sure to place your heroes accordingly.

Unlike other tower defense games, you’ll only have a limited number of units to use in Arknights. Each character has unique features and abilities, so you can choose from units with skills such as hand-to-hand combat, ranged attacks, and more. Not only that, but they all also have special skills you can use once their energy bar is filled.

Overall, Arknights is a fantastic strategy game that breaks away from typical tower defense games and transports players to a futuristic, dark world. Although it has stylized anime graphics, it doesn’t overdo it with the fan service. On top of all that, thanks to the loads of characters you can collect with a gacha system, you’ll never get bored playing Arknights.

Reviewed by Andrés López Translated by Jasmine

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