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Read various manga at hand

Developed by WSV studio, MangaZone is an 


 application that you can freely access any of your compatible android devices. It offers easy-to-read 


 that are continuously updated every day. Offering thousands of titles, it probably contains all the manga that you can imagine from the latest, most recommended to the most popular publications. Expect that all the reading materials you’ll see here are in the English language.

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Highly-customizable manga reader

MangaZone allows you to easily explore and search the title you are looking for by genre. Action, adventure, mystery, shoujo, shounen, seinen, horror, for adults, sci-fi, and drama are some of the genres offered by this app. You can browse through each genre to find the title you want to read. However, you can also filter the list by popularity, publication date, or update date.

If you found the title you want to read, you can add them to your 


 and quickly access them once you’re free. MangaZone supports 

offline reading

. You only need to download the manga so you can read them at your leisure without the internet or data connections. Every manga consists of a datasheet with access to all the volumes, which permits you to leave constructive comments.

You can see the history of your latest readings on the ‘Recent‘ tab of the app. Through this, you can effortlessly track if you have finished reading a certain manga. This could come in handy to prevent confusion when you have accessed truckloads of titles already. Furthermore, you will have the liberty to tailor the reading settings that it serves your preference.

A practical option for manga lovers

If you are a fan of manga series, MangaZone is a reader application that you can consider downloading. Apart from the fact that it is free, it offers a wide range of genre titles, from the most popular to the underrated ones. There are thousands of titles that you will enjoy exploring. Moreover, it allows you to customize your reading experience so you can read comfortably.

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