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Fiesta is a social search app that lets you find and meet interesting people around you. This app works very similarly to Tinder and Badoo. In other words, you can see other users’ profiles and with just one swift move on your screen you indicate whether you are interested or not.

Clicking on other users’ profiles will let you see useful information such as pictures, names, hobbies, etc. If you show interest in a specific profile, then that person will receive a notification.

The different filters in Fiesta will help you narrow down what you are looking for: men, women, or both. You can also set an age range to indicate your preference and whether you are looking for friends, to meet people in general, or something more.

Fiesta is a pretty efficient social search app that will find useful as long as it has a fair amount of users.

Reviewed by Juan Jesús Translated by Beatriz Escalante

You are reading: Fiesta for Android-Download the APK from Uptodown


  • Android 4.2 or greater is required

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