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The vehicles showing up on our roads include a rapidly growing percentage of electric vehicles. With the surge in EV’s comes a surge in power requirements. Your home may not have the available power in order to install an EV charger, so with this need growing, we designed a system that allows the homeowner to save a huge amount of money when installing an EV charger in their home.

The electrical systems built in the past (and even now) were designed to be as cost-effective as possible for the builders. By doing this, the developers design and built electrical systems that were not future proof and not sufficient to support new power-hungry devices.

Here’s where DIVVEE comes in.

The DIVVEE, our legacy device, was developed for the residential EV charging market. It is a device that intercepts a 40 Amp circuit that is already included in your electrical breaker panel (usually the range breaker) and splits the power supply between that and the EV charger.  When the range turns on, DIVVEE automatically shuts off the EV charger until the range stops operating, then turns the charger on again.

The DIVVEE solution will save you thousands compared to the cost of a complete power upgrade.

But wait! What else needs help sharing the load?

The DIVVEE will also simplify your energy needs for hot tubs, welding & wood shops, plus heating and AC units!

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