How to play Marvel Super War in the U.S. right now

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How to play Marvel Super War in the U.S. right now

Marvel Super War soft-launched in Asia and India earlier this month, but follow this guide and you can play the MOBA right now in the United States.

With Marvel Super War, NetEase has combined two of my favorite things: Marvel and MOBAs. Unfortunately, the game is

only available in certain regions, the U.S. and Europe not being them


So for those of us exciting for the game, there’s nothing we can do but sit back and wait for a global release announcement. Or, you can use this tutorial found on the

game’s subreddit

, which provides a step-by-step workaround so that you can start playing today.

YouTuber Khasino has put together a handy tutorial guide with

detailed instructions on how to download and install Marvel Super War on your Android/PC or iOS device

. It’s a fairly easy process, though it does involve downloading some files which can seem a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, he breaks the whole thing down in

a simple to digest video


How to download and install Marvel Super War on Android/PC

If you’re playing on Android or want to play on PC using an Android emulator, begin by downloading the newest .xapk file for Marvel Super War (link found in his guide). Once you do that,

download the APKpure app

. APKpure allows you to install the .xapk file that you downloaded.

In the regular Play Store, download any file explore app (Cx File Explorer). This makes it easy for you to find the .xapk file and tell the program what to open with.

Once everything is download, open the file explorer, locate the .xapk and open with the APKpure app. That’s all! You can now play Marvel Super War on your Android or on PC with an emulator (like NoxPlayer).

How to download and install Marvel Super War on iOS

Downloading and playing Marvel Super War on iOS is a little trickier. Well, not really, just a bit more annoying. As Khasino explains, it’s easier to just create a new iTunes account in one of the soft launch regions (Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, India) and download the game via the App Store. Once you reopen the App Store, you’ll need to create a new Apple ID in that same region you chose.

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