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hey guys sorry for the lack of chapters:( im not rlly in the mood to work buuut i have a tutorial/guide for those of u who want to learn how to mtl kakaopage novels!!! cuz u cant copy & paste + google chrome auto translation doesnt work. there might be a better way to do it but im showing u my way!!

apps u’ll need:

yandex translate

google translate

naver dictionary/papago

note: papago is integrated with naver dictionary but it also has its own app. its up to u which one u use

How To Download Kakaopage (IOS)

1. click ur profile thingy

2. click the banner of ur profile thingy

3. click “country/region”

4. click “change country or region”

5. click “korea, republic of”

6. agree to the terms & conditions

7. click “next”

8. fill out the country/region stuff or just copy my fake info lol

(use ur own phone number)

9. AND BAAM u got a korean apple id so now u can download kakaopage!!!

Extracting Raws

1. first step is to screenshot all the pages u wanna extract/translate from kakaopage & put them into a folder for convenience. its better if u screenshot them in long strip mode so that u can continue screenshotting sentences that have been cut off

2. second step is a bit tedious. u hafta open up ur handy dandy yandex translate, press the camera button, go into ur raw folder, & select a page one by one to extract.

copy the korean text onto ur notes or onto a google doc, and BAM! u just extracted a raw.

  • a tip is to favorite/heart every raw page u finish extracting from yandex so that u dont lose track of where you’re at!
    • another trick is to add page numbers 4 how many raws u have.

    here’s a finished example:

  • Translating

  • use any of the apps listed above to translate! (now that u have the raw!!!) proofreading is a must if u want to understand chaps!! hopefully this guide helped & was easy to understand! now u don’t need me anymore :cries:

    i hope to see a lot more ppl translating novels now… or some1 pls pick up my projects im begging u,, im too lazy to do anything. regardless, have a good day everyone!! be happy!!! ur wanted!! ily for reading this far & supporting me! (even if u don’t i still love u)

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