Book Box Unboxing: The Abominable Book Club (Feb box) #abominablebookclub – Keeper of Pages

Book Box Unboxing: The Abominable Book Club (Feb box) #abominablebookclub

You are reading: Book Box Unboxing: The Abominable Book Club (Feb box) #abominablebookclub – Keeper of Pages

“The Abominable Book Club contains all the dark magic of a haunted bookshop, summoned directly to your doorstep!”

It’s time to unbox the fourth Abominable Book Club Box. the guys have done it again, put together another brilliant box!

The cost of this box is £19.99, and they ship internationally. Each month you’ll receive a featured book, a locally sourced luxury snack, a handful of hot drinks and a second-hand paperback.

So what was inside:

The tradition black bookmark spookmark is back, featuring some micro-fiction from one of the owners, Owen. Love the illustrations.

The locally sourced snack was Welsh Roasted Coffee Dark Chocolate by The Little Welsh Chocolate Company. This company’s chocolate was featured in the first box too, maybe too soon to be repeating suppliers? Or maybe I’m just bitter because I don’t like dark chocolate, ha! As usual, Jayden’s [my son’s] hot chocolate, he thanks you!

No ebook this month, but something equally as cool instead – a horror magazine! Black Static is a bi-monthly horror magazine featuring the best stories by up-and-coming writers in the Horror Genre. This magazine is published by TTA Press, and I’ve checked their website, this is the Jan – Feb 2019 edition, so yay for including the most up-to-day issue! This magazine sounds amazing, it has short stories, book and movie reviews, and more. I’ll be a horror pro before you know it, I’m so happy with the inclusion of this magazine!

The feature book:

Providence by Caroline Kepnes

In 2008, 13-year-old Jon Bronson disappears on his morning walk to school. After even his parents give him up for dead, only his best friend, Chloe, remains certain that he would come back.

Four years later, Jon returns with no memory of anything after the day he disappeared. But something’s different about him. His presence seems to cause spontaneous nose-bleeds in those around him. When he hugs his father, the older man passes out. The family dog disappears.

Jon’s only clue to his missing four years is the battered book left behind by the man he believes abducted him. And he and Chloe are determined to figure out what happened to Jon… before his presence does more than cause a couple of bloody noses. They’re sure they can solve the mystery and save Jon.


Yay, I don’t own this book, I’ve heard good things about it, great pick, very happy!

The second-hand book:

The moment of truth, what is my mysterious second-hand book…

Lost Souls by Poppy Z Brite

At a club in Missing Mile, just outside New Orleans, the children of the night gather. They dress in black and they’re looking for acceptance. There’s Ghost, who sees what others do not; Ann, looking for love; and Jason, whose real name is Nothing, seeking the deathless truth about his father – and himself.

But into Missing Mile tonight come three beautiful, hip vagabonds: Molochai, Twig and seductive, green-eyed Zillah. They are on their own lost journey, slaking their ancient thirst for blood, aching for supple young flesh.

In Nothing and Ann they find it. Now Ghost must pursue them all. To save Ann from her new friends, to save Nothing from himself.

First published in the early 90s, Lost Souls redefined the vampire novel for a new generation and remains unsurpassed in its dark wit, graphic descriptions and its power to send shivers of panic and pleasure down your spine…


Jeez, can we reread that last line of the synopsis – “to send shivers of panic and pleasure down your spine…” – panic and pleasure, I am, in equal measure, thrilled and terrified! I’m so intrigued by this novel, very happy with my second-hand book, and I love the creepy-ass cover!

The Complete Box

I love it, absolutely love it! I’m sure I say this every box, but this is my favourite box yet! But, I suppose that’s exactly what you want, for each box to get better. This is only the fourth box ever for The Abominable Book Club, I remain excited for future of this box. If you like what you see, head over to the The Abominable Book Club 


and subscribe now.

Find out more about The Abominable Book Club:




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