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Movzy – Movies, Music for You App Complaints & User Negative Comments

Movzy – Movies, Music for You app received 79 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about movzy – movies, music for you?

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It sucksIt’s annoying when the ads pop up whenever I try to watch a movie. I can’t watch a movie without an add popping up 20 minutes into the movie.Ava.2004Version: 1.6.0

Fake and NO movies playThis is both dodgy and a complete scam and they know nothing please..Zorro and TikVersion: 1.4.0

Too many ads!Ads so annoying to the point it rendered the app useless..Maccclassic84Version: 1.5.0

FrustratingI really want to love this app and give it five stars.. it’s a great movie app better than all the rest so far, has all the newer stuff no signing in or up.. but every time I watch a movie I want to just go out and delete it because of the adds.. they pop up all threw the movie it’s so dam annoying I am getting it to the movie it’s at a good part and up pops a add I want to scream and throw my dam phone.. put all the adds like before the movie before you can watch it or something eles love the app but about to delete it.CountlessTearsVersion: 1.5.0

Ads Ads More AdsI can’t watch as there are tones of ads after every 2 minutes.Also singingVersion: 1.4.0

Help meI don’t know how to watch movie’s on this app it only shows me music but i want to watch movies pls help me.Cocog khVersion: 1.5.0

Good app but too much adsI love using this app when i can’t watch certain shows/movies on Netflix or other channels. the thing is that there are way too many ads and the thing is that i have to watch the entire ad to keep watching the show/movie. i would give 5 stars if there weren’t any ads or i can atleast skip them..Sumones watching youVersion: 1.5.0

AdsThe app is great but I’m having some issues. First off, the number of ads being played back-to-back is outrageous! I also shared the app with my friends to stop full screen ads but they still appear… Secondly, the audio and the video often desynchronize. Also, when seeking through a movie or tv show, it gets stuck on a screen..ImJustGonnaEnterARandomNameVersion: 1.5.0

Great appOn this app I have found every movie I wanted to watch the only problem is that it as to buffer every 30 seconds i have sent in a report but have not heard anything back if they was to fix this and start charging to use the app I would pay it but as it is now it takes 3 hours to watch a 2 hour movie.StupidnicknamesnottakenVersion: 1.3.0

HorribleIt says that it has movies and tv shows but when you get the app all it has is music and YouTube videos.Tim tam113Version: 1.5.0

OkThe movie is itself a good what it loads so much and has the buffer so much and it has so many ads and most of the time you were being interrupted by ads or it’s loading they give you good movies I can watch for it takes you two hours to watch a movie that’s an hour and a half so if you’re looking for like all the time or movies that you can’t get uses but if you can get them on anywhere else use it it’s not a very good app.Lololol gamerVersion: 1.5.0

AhhhhIt won’t let me watch movies only music is showing up.HsughbhVersion: 1.6.0

Not workingThe app seemed great. I downloaded it on my iPhone 6a and worked perfectly but when I got a new iPhone the app looked completely different from the pictures. I could download music, search for movies, and for some reason I had the Charlie Brown piano theme on there?! If someone could help it would be very much appreciated. I really hope this app could help in the future..5873684378448)(&:?&447Version: 1.4.0

Minor issues but great appLet me start off by saying what a wonderful app this is & I absolutely love it. Gives my daughter a variety of movies & tv shows to watch. My only criticism is the ads pop up randomly & sometimes it freezes the entire show/movie & you have to restart it and it goes all the way to the beginning which is annoying to me. Fix the minor issues & you’ll have a 5 star app!.Britt x’s 2Version: 1.4.0

No.I’m sorry, the movies and stuff are good! I love Harry Potter a lot, means so much that I can watch them. Although something that honestly bothers me is that .. the ads are not very controllable, I sent them to friends to make it stop while I’m watching the movies, doesn’t work. It goes so crazy, I’m probably too young to act like a Karen rn, but why does it have to be like that? I get a one minute ad, then another one, and then I get spammed. It’s honestly kinda unfair :/. Hope you can fix it.. very much bothering me during movies..Taylor😋🤌🏻Version: 1.5.0

Do betterI had this app before and it was an amazing free movie ad but now it only gives me the choice to listen to music and I hate it..NugggyftdtrhbunihVersion: 1.6.0

AdsI personally think this is a great app with how many different shows are movies are on here however all I usually see is adverts pretty much every two minutes and it buffers quite a bit. Would be a 5 if those were sorted out..Saraya HarrisonVersion: 1.4.0

Fix the bugI can’t watch movies anymore I can only listen to music fix the bug man.72hrVersion: 1.5.0

MoviesSo I have a problem so I had the app once and it was going great I loved the app but then every time I was getting on the app it would take me back to my Home Screen so I deleted the app and downloaded it again and when I got back on the app it would not show me movies anymore and only music so how to I fix this..Dyndyn/DynverVersion: 1.5.0

AdsGreat selection of movies but does often buffer. I understand the need for all the ads but it would be great if you didn’t have to click to close them..GhhfjhgVersion: 1.4.0

How do you watch moviesI’m just wondering how to watch movies because can’t understand why my sister can watch movies and I can’t.BaileyskVersion: 1.3.0

PoorConstantly lagging regardless of wifi strength and ads are always ready every 10 minutes..Mbt123321Version: 1.4.0

Movies won’t play throughI love the movie selection whether it’s an older movie or not whether you pick the one two or three servers I’ve only been able to watch one movie all the way through without any interruptions most of the movies once they interrupt won’t reload again I pick another movie 30-40 minutes in and then just stops and won’t reload again switching server doesn’t fix it Internet connection is great on everything else so I have to blame the bugs in the app.BoostfangerVersion: 1.4.0

Too many adsPlease take out ads how are people going to enjoy this app if there are tons adds.Ferris graciasVersion: 1.5.0

Not that good no moreYou guys are so amazing to come up with an app like this! It is amazing and I love that it is free because it has a lot of the movies that I love, and it is just amazing thank you so much- yeah not no more I deleted it and then got the app again and it only lets me play music I can not watch shows even when I search up the shows I can’t watch them because it just comes up with music.DndjqjansncVersion: 1.5.0

Not like it used to beI undownloaded this app because it took to much storage. But i just redownleaded it for watching harry potter and its not like it used to be now I can only see the trailers and not the acctual movie!.Jj4774848484Version: 1.4.0

Tv Shows don’t workIt’s a good app, i don’t have any issues with the films but tv shows never load. Disappointing.NITESKYRIDERVersion: 1.4.0

Add more episodes pls😢So I love to watch Big time rush on this app but one thing that throws me off is that most of the episodes are missing. As I’m watching it’s skips episodes, there only one season where there’s all of the episodes and all of the rest of the season only have like 10 episodes. In season 3-4 the episodes went from 2,6,10,12. Pls fix this problem thank you😔.Mrspig0pVersion: 1.4.0

HorribleGreat movies destroyed by so many damn ads – don’t bother with this app..Adanac77Version: 1.5.0

IssueOkay so when i wanna watch a movie on phone it will not allow me to search for one. It gets on my nerves so could anyone help me?.ElllaallalalqVersion: 1.5.0

OkI just wish there was a way to block the 18 + section.LJGamer#8909Version: 1.4.0

The app is straight ig 🥱🥰The app was pretty straight at first i dont really care for the ads because there weren’t many then one day i go on the app and it completely does not Show movies any more it starts showing music but i came for the movies and i try deleting and redownloading the app but it still shows music like-🥲.Niyah BabbyVersion: 1.5.0

AwfulWorst app ever Crashes all the time Tonnes of adds constantly Unreliable.Jjbarr85Version: 1.3.0

YikesLiterally the worst movie woo I’ve ever had. Tried watching a movie and an hour and a half later I was only 15 minutes in due to the ads. Absolute garbage.ErszieVersion: 1.4.0

AdsToo many ads it sucks.TopalphaVersion: 1.4.0

MovzyIt has a lot of ads and when I try to watch it freezes can you please fix that and besides all that great app it has all my favourite movies.Dodomaro2005Version: 1.5.0

I hate this and I do NOT recommendToo much ads and it just pauses even thought my wifi is good! Even though there a is huge selection of movies I hate it!.RobloxisgrapeVersion: 1.4.0

BadYou get ads every 5 Mins kmt.JhhdjjsVersion: 1.4.0

New servers for tv showsIt was good at first when I used the app then the next day I wasn’t able to watch any tv shows, but only movies. I noticed that when I try to watch a tv show the only server was “server 2”. When I watch movies and I try to switch to server 2 it doesn’t work so maybe y’all have to change the servers for t.v shows..OMFG why so specificVersion: 1.4.0

So many adsI hate this app. I’ve spent more time watching ads on it than actual movies. Half the servers don’t work and it’s just garbage in general..FgvvijcawyioVersion: 1.4.0

CANT WATCH MOVIESSo I downloaded this app 2 days ago and I could watch movies perfectly fine but yesterday I opened up the app and it was JUST music and when notifications about movies would pop up it wouldn’t let me click on it but any notifications with music would let me click on it and it’s not my phone because I also downloaded it on my brothers phone and it’s doing the same thing I had better hopes for this app.Mateo P-GVersion: 1.5.0

It’s okThere is tons to choose from and the app itself is great. The only problem is the adds. I know that is how they make money but there is to many and it is hard to watch the show when there are adds popping up everywhere. And some adds won’t let you exit out of them so you have to close out the app completely just to watch your show again. Too Many Adds..Dpierce1124Version: 1.5.0

Lagging.I was trying to watch a tv show and at first I thought that my connection was being weird, so I moved to another room. After I moved to another room, it still getting bugging and lagging. Please fix this..RheannaH.Version: 1.4.0

Movzy appThe app is slow and I always get thrown out of the shows that I like to watch.Sulkierpillow4Version: 1.5.0

2/5 Worst/best app everThis is an amazing app itz all free but the thing that pisses me off is that if I go on a different app I just need to get off it for like one second the movie will just freeze I have to wait four hours for the movie to continue my Internet is really good so if you fix that I mean maybe I might consider downloading again but for now it’s a two out of 5 this is like the worst/best app ever.Zoyaf1114Version: 1.4.0

I love the app, but the ads needs to get figured out.I’ve had the app for a few months now, and I love it. The only problem is with the ads that comes with them. At first it was fine, I would watch an ad and 10 minutes later I would watch another. Now, I watch an ad but instead of getting the video to start it freezes and I have to watch another ad. Which would be fine with me if it didn’t happen for 5-10 minutes (5-10 minutes of ads, and no video), or until I’ve had enough and close the app. I’ve even tried to share the app with my friends and get the ads removed all together, but that doesn’t work. I’ve sent it to all of my friends and I still get the ads. I would love to keep watching on this app, but the ad problem needs to get fixed..Jessica HdjfjjgjVersion: 1.5.0

AdsI would leave a higher star review however the app specifies if you share the app the ads will be removed. I have shared the app with 3 other people and the ads are still there. They are 30 second ads every 10 minutes – when your watching a long film it becomes a little ridiculous..BdunfsknnlncbjjvdVersion: 1.4.0

Right title but wrong Version.I wanted to watch Secret garden 1993 but it plays a different version..Gallop CrushVersion: 1.4.0

TrackingDon’t download they track you I was in my old house when I used this and then I have recently moved a few weeks after I moved my old house got on fire!!!! Coincidence? Nooo dont download this.@kingadil_786 add my instaVersion: 1.4.0

Get rid of adsCause when u r watching a movie a ad pops up when the ad end u try and hit the x button it takes u to their page and u have to start the whole movie from the beginning I think u need to fix the issue get rid of the ads cause I won’t promote your site any more unless you take care of the issue I know it is free but the ads u promote are bemoaning a issue to watching a movie so fix the issue or remove the app from the apple store cause it is cause if issues thank u.WvlfspyritVersion: 1.5.0

Garbage appAll it does is stop several times in a movie rather pay than go through this all the time waist of time when trying to watch.Rayray197429Version: 1.4.0

Absolute GarbageAbsolute trash app the only thing you are forced to watch on this damn thing is ad after ad after ad. But the ad popping up pauses your movie so you don’t miss anything.. oh what’s this when I hit play afterwards oh it’s another ad! An hour into watching anything you just realize your 10 minutes into the damn show/movie your watching because you spamming over the top harassing ad ever few minutes that feels longer than what you had just watched. Oh open the app haven’t even clicked one damn thing oh that warrants shoving an ad down my throat. Never have I ever seen ads so disgustingly overused and unwarranted.LDS MPVersion: 1.5.0

FilmI can’t go 5 mins without the film freezing.The human 02Version: 1.4.0

EhhhI truly wished this app was better There’s so much ads and it kept pausing every 10 seconds which is very annoying and it’s not my internet because I have good internet.Im boopVersion: 1.5.0

Nice needs some improvementThe app is cool it allows you to watch almost any tv show movie etc. and listen to music..the music is quite confusing you have to download the music of your choice I personally only use this app for tv shows and etc. I have another app for music it’s just too confusing..for me but my BIGGEST ISSUE is the fact that there isn’t any subtitles for the anime shows I watch for example attack on titan is Japanese anime show and I’m not fluent in Japanese so I need subtitles…and I’ve pushed all the buttons there isn’t any subtitle buttons or anything but as I said it’s a nice app…and one last thing if you share or reccomend this upcoming app it offers and I quote to quote “no full screen ads” I’ve shared this app with almost all of my friends and nothing hasn’t really changed but other than subtitles and the ads it’s a fair app..IzthisrealityVersion: 1.6.0

It’s annoying..Every 5 minutes it stops and says that the WiFi is low, even when I’m right next to the box. It’s quite frustrating as it keeps interrupting what I’m trying to watch. Also another problem is the ads, it said to share the app with someone and then the ads would go away (which itself was a suspiciously weird) but I did and they didn’t. Each ad goes on for 30 seconds and I get them twice at a time. I can’t actually watch what I’m trying to watch..L.roniVersion: 1.4.0

Movie option won’t pop upSo I downloaded this for my uncle when he got on his flight but I also wanted the app. It worked perfectly when downloading the movies and he got to watch them nicely but when I downloaded it. For some reason I don’t have the option to see movies. Please help.SuaksjfjfjsksVersion: 1.5.0

Quite goodI can only get music, how do I find films? Brilliant for music tho😁.E d w a r dVersion: 1.3.0

Worst Movie App everThis app sucks.ZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzszszssVersion: 1.4.0

Get rid of the adsThe ads are annoying when I’m watching a movie it just ruins the movie cause it pops up over 30 in a span of 3 minutes.WarronhoskenVersion: 1.5.0

😡😡This app is garbage. It plays too many ads and the movies just freeze on you. Can’t even get a minute without it freezing. Sucks because I really wanted to watch a show and I couldn’t from the freezing. Fix the app please I would love to give it more stars.PeturassVersion: 1.5.0

Welcome to 1997Trying to play a movie on this app is like trying to download sum thing back in 97 on dial up , VERY PAINFUL. I had to delete it.MovzysuxsVersion: 1.4.0

FeedbackFalse advertising It says when you share app with people it means no adds for free but straight after I do that a add pops up.HdbdudnenddjVersion: 1.4.0

MovieIn only 27 minutes of playtime in a movie it has tried passing over 30 times I’m running off NBN unlimited download and still having nothing but issues.Cashie 84Version: 1.4.0

YIt a good app you can find 95% of American movies and others but many ads and the is no subtitles but I like it ..M-16Version: 1.5.0

Cannot watch offline?I’ve noticed that I cannot watch movies offline, tho was advertised on Facebook by Movzy saying it is able to watch movies offline after download…well I can’t?.Loca ThepugVersion: 1.4.0

To much adsTerrible.HispanyjjVersion: 1.4.0

CrapWaste of time it only wants to hi jack your equipment.1960steve1960Version: 1.4.0

Best app ever but worst app ever as wellFull of ads..MedansandanVersion: 1.4.0

Needs to be improvedIt’s definitely too good to be true for a free movie, TV show, YouTube Videos and music app. Because there’s a lot of adds and crashes.. and my progress on my film got lost. But other than that.. the apps an amazing idea. And it’s good for being free. But defiantly needs improvements on the errors I mentioned.Jade DriverVersion: 1.4.0

?Currently watching Beverly Hills 90210 and the 2nd season is in Spanish…hmmm.HjgjcjvhchfufyffuVersion: 1.4.0

Do not recommendI tried to watch a movie and it kept freezing and stopping every minute or so and there were so many ads. Not a good app don’t waste your time on this app..WwiahdVersion: 1.5.0

Worst app ever it said it fixed the bugs it neverWorst app don’t download.Bzznncncn bcVersion: 1.5.0

Feedback/ratingI give the quality a 5 star but on how you get adds when your trying to watch a tv show or movie i give it a 3 because it gets annoying so i was just saying maybe add a way where people can pay a bit for no adds and I think a lot of people might do that and also the share with friends for no fullscreen adds it’s bugged and its not working.HsjshdsjsVersion: 1.5.0

TrashIt’s completely trash don’t get it.JgcsyhvujhVersion: 1.5.0

Not consistentIts always popping out ads even after you share with friends. It’s annoying..MJD06-2Version: 1.4.0

This app is badWhen you first install it’s good you can watch movies and any tv shows you want but after sometime everything is gone there’s only music left no movies or tv shows left 😭😭.Nick na,eVersion: 1.5.0

To MovzyWhen I first got this app I loved it but then it’s only been a few days and I went on it and now all there is is music and it doesn’t have movies on there now.2344 emmaVersion: 1.5.0

Good app just aboutGood app for Watching movies on but the ads are very irritating.NickymercsVersion: 1.4.0

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